Places to Live: The importance of place, culture and lifestyles

Launched at this year’s Build to Rent Forum, Assael Architecture and Futurecity have teamed up to kickstart a campaign that advocates cultural strategies for the research, briefing, engagement, design and operation of Build to Rent communities to meet the new needs of Millennials, Gen Zs and the Gen Alpha cohort.

In collaboration with Hypha, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Tommy and Way of Life, the joint discussion, entitled ‘Places to Live: The importance of place, culture and lifestyles’, explores societal changes, digital technology, cultural placemaking processes and community engagement, and the role each of them plays in creating successful and vibrant Build to Rent communities.

The Build to Rent Forum, organised by Movers & Shakers and now in its eighth year, brings together private and public sector leaders and key stakeholders to debate and exchange ideas, and is a powerful platform for the advancement and development of Build to Rent. 

Introduction to campaign

by Russell Pedley, director & co-founder, Assael Architecture 

  • Where we are now – why is the traditional approach to placemaking flawed?
  • The need for a cultural strategy, early engagement, the S in ESG, and UN Sustainable Development Goals

The new cohort

Marcus Fowley, founder & CEO, Tommy 

  • How society is changing – what is driving the change?
  • Cyberspace influencing local and global communities
  • The experiential economy and brands looking for physical space

Software & hardware

Mark Davy, founder, Futurecity 

With content from:

Camilla Cole, founder & CEO, Hypha Studios

Huw Davies, deputy managing director & business development director, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Sowgol Zaringchang, managing director, Way of Life

  • Respective experiences of providing activity and content inside new developments
  • Why we need to create places that meet lifestyle needs, that create destinations and distinctive brands, and why art, culture and leisure is central to this
  • How can a better understanding of communities and an alignment with their values create places that will attract and retain? 
  • Why all of this makes sound business sense, attracting investment through creating places that optimise and deliver sustainable income

Panel – New design thinking 

Moderator: Russell Pedley, director & co-founder, Assael Architecture

  • Future opportunities in design – how will BTR meet the needs of this new cohort?
  • How will BTR ‘hardware’ need to be driven by the ‘software’? 
  • How engagement needs to be early before design parameters are set

Click here to download the presentation slides. 


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