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Assael were appointed to prepare a masterplan for the regeneration of this waterfront site. We worked closely with adjoining landowners and the council to promote an area action plan for a new sustainable neighbourhood.

The £150 million sustainable masterplan for Cardy Construction Ltd comprises 850 new homes, a new school, a local centre and a new marina. It sets out the structuring elements for the proposed redevelopment, generates a grid of streets and public open spaces that make it easy and safe to walk and cycle, whilst providing development blocks of a variety of sizes that can accommodate a range of building types and uses.

Our layout allows this mixed use development to be carried out in a number of phases, including the associated infrastructure, which would avoid large upfront development costs that would prevent the development coming forward without public funding.

A key issue in the redevelopment of this brownfield site is viability, whereby residential values could not support high rise development, so the challenge was to achieve a high density low rise development in order to support the associated infrastructure costs.

The pioneering concept is to create a series of distinct character areas that respond and exploit their location, and to connect these spaces with a coherent landscape and public realm.

New homes along the waterfront are influenced by Dutch housing design and sit on stilts three metres above ground level, making them entirely flood proof. This will also allow new wildlife to flourish in an area that seeks to enhance the natural habitat and bring new species into the neighbourhood.

Natural features including protecting and enhancing rivers, streams, wetlands, ponds and sensitive planting of trees, shrubs and grasses will conserve and promote habitats for local flora and fauna.

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Waterfront regeneration
Brooke Peninsula
Brooke Peninsula
Heath Road, Lowestoft


Cardy Construction Ltd


2015 National Urban Design Awards -  Shortlisted for Practice Award


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The site has been occupied by Brooke Marine who developed the site for boat building in the early 20th Century.

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