Urban design & Masterplanning

We offer urban design and masterplanning services to RIBA Stages MP1-MP4, including appraisals, design briefs, data collection, and design & outline planning, often supported by design codes and visual impact assessments.

Masterplanning services

Through our masterplans, we want to create thriving communities, where infrastructure supports business and society and sustainability is embedded into design.  We also want them to be viable, commercially sound and economically sustainable over the long-term, so they can be built and deliver the benefits they promise.

MP1 – Appraisal & design brief

We can help you to define your project brief, preparing feasibility studies to confirm your requirements, considering alternative project options and providing the information needed for a report on cost implications.
We contribute to the preparation of the design brief, which will confirm key requirements and constraints including procurement method, procedures, organisational structures, range of consultants and specialists to be engaged for the project.

MP2 - Data collection & design

We investigate the data and information relating to the site, including the planning authority’s local and regional plans and advise on the need to carry out special surveys, special investigations or model tests.

We establish, in consultation with other consultants, any off-site infrastructure, services or similar that may be required.

We’ll also help you with preliminary technical appraisals, results of special surveys and investigations, adjacent developments and infrastructure requirements.

We’ll then prepare the masterplan in accordance with the development brief, with proposals for phasing and implementation of the development.

Naturally, we consider the possible impact of planning, environmental or ecological constraints in consultation with relevant public authorities.

Part of the process involves consulting local and statutory authorities and other bodies about the service requirements of the masterplan, including capacity, timing, diversions and extensions of existing services.

We’ll advise you on any permit, approval or authorisation necessary to enable the development to proceed and on the timing of applications necessary to maintain the development programme.

We’ll provide your cost consultant with all the information needed for an approximate estimate of the cost of the masterplan proposals.

We can then prepare the masterplan in sufficient detail for you to assess the commercial viability of the proposal and to approve it as a basis for the design brief.

MP3 - Design briefs

We can prepare your design briefs to be read in conjunction with the masterplan, confirming all key requirements and constraints for the development.

We define the development and plot areas, infrastructure, land use areas and all other such areas, including, as appropriate, preparing schedules of net internal areas (NIA), gross internal areas (GIA) and gross external areas (GEA).

MP4 - Planning

We’ll work with you to prepare an application for outline planning permission, including design and access statements and any other necessary information to support the application, such as design codes and visual impact assessments.

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