John Assael speaks on art and architecture at New London Architecture's Pecha Kucha

Posted 18 February 2013 in Staff, Design

This month John Assael joins a number of industry figures and commentators to talk about the collaboration between art and architecture at the NLA's Pecha Kucha evening 'Arty-tecture: Marrying art and architecture.'

The New London Architecture event looks at the crossovers between art and architecture in London's built environment and involves a series of architects and artists.

Speakers are examining if art can create better buildings and how architects and artists work together to shape new approaches to facades, building design and the public realm.

Assael already advocate collaborating with artists on projects. The award winning Rochester Row in Pimlico saw artist Olly Marsden produce the unique circular facade, the artist Paul Coy is currently working on a vibrant art piece at Renaissance, and Alison Turnbull's work is currently underway on our Great West Quarter development. The gigantic artwork will scale the entire side of a building and aims to bring life to the public plaza.

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