We offer the full architectural service across all RIBA Work Stages, from preparation, design and pre-construction, to construction and use.

Architectural approach

Our approach to architecture is founded on a commitment to add value: to our clients by maximising their asset and developing lasting beneficial relationships; to our fellow project team members by sharing our knowledge and expertise to ensure seamless, high quality delivery; to the communities where we work by providing quality, enjoyable and sustainable places; and to the architectural profession by promoting good design and representing best practice.

Through every stage of the design process, we are focused on achieving the most successful outcome.

A - Appraisal

We help clients define their project brief in greater detail. We prepare feasibility studies to confirm requirements, consider alternative project options and provide the information you need to establish feasibility and cost implications. We also advise whether you’ll need the help of any specialists.

B - Design brief

We help you prepare the design brief, confirming the key requirements, constraints, procurement method, procedures, organisational structures and the range of consultants and specialists you’ll need to engage for the project.

C - Concept

We analyse the design brief and prepare the concept design, often with options and showing outline proposals for structural and building services systems, including outline specifications. We review the procurement method and provide the information required to estimate construction cost. 

D - Design development

We develop the approved concept design to show spatial arrangements, type of construction, materials, appearance and detailed proposals for structural & building services systems and specifications. We investigate the effect of statutory standards and construction safety on the concept design. We can also consult with all the relevant statutory authorities and help you complete an application for detailed planning permission.  We have an excellent success record in helping clients achieve consent.

E - Technical design

We consult with the statutory authorities on the developing design. This involves preparing technical designs, calculations and specifications to co-ordinate the components and elements of the project, including information for statutory standards and construction safety. We’ll also update the construction cost estimate at this point.

F - Production information

We prepare production information, including specifications, in sufficient detail to enable you to obtain comparable tenders. We prepare and make submissions under building regulations or other statutory requirements, and once again gather the information needed to update the estimate of construction cost.

G - Tender information

We review with you the design information provided by contractors or specialists to establish what information needs to be co-ordinated and integrated with other project information. We prepare and collate tender documentation in sufficient detail to enable tenders to be obtained and provide information for the preparation of the pre-tender estimate.

H - Tender action

We contribute to the appraisal and report on tenders and negotiations.  We can revise construction information to match adjustments in the tender sum.

J - Mobilisation

We provide production information as required for the building contract.

K - Construction to practical completion

We visit the project when necessary during construction to make sure the scheme runs according to timetable. We review design information from contractors or specialists to see how it integrates with other project information. We can review compliance with statutory and contract requirements and give general advice on the operation and maintenance of the building.

L - Post practical completion

We advise on defect resolution and help you agree the final account.  We can also help building users during the initial occupation period and carry out post-occupation evaluations.

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